bad artMasterpieces they surely aren’t, which is the irreverent rationale for the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)  — with its tagline “Art too bad to be ignored” — and founded in 1993 in Boston as a repository for ill-begotten visions of inspiration gone astray.bad art

The spirit of fun begins with a museum FAQ – “Is this some kind of joke?” – and the answer: “This institution works long and hard at building the finest bad art establishment in the world. We take our mission very seriously. Frankly, we are shocked and indignant at your derisive innuendo.”

Perusing the online collection is a trippy immersion in tacky timelessness, such as the three-eyed fluorescent disaster shown above left, which carries a comical back-story. Informed that his piece had been selected for inclusion at MOBA, the “artist,” Scott Winslow, contacted museum personnel to tell them that he could provide much worse.

mana lisaAnd can it get more terrible than the juggling dog in a hula skirt (above right)? Actually, yes. That would be a cross-gendered Mona Lisa, renamed the Mana Lisa, left. A definite favorite.

Referring to the works, and in a bit of an understatement, the museum’s chief curator, Michael Frank, once told The New York Times that “clearly something has gone wrong, either in the execution or in the concept.”

I’d say both, and that’s the whole delightful point.