birdhouse romebirdhouse the scream canadaIn another example of how creativity takes many forms, even the simple birdhouse has contributed to a flight of fancy or two, as wonderfully depicted in the recently released book, Birdhouses of the World, compiled by author and bird expert Anne Schmauss.
A collection of dozens of what she calls the “coolest” nest boxes from around the globe, they range from the avian architecture pictured above, made from natural spruce ply (and modeled after the Palazzo Venezia in Rome), to “The Scream” birdhouse inspired by the famous Munch painting and constructed by blacksmith artist Anthony Cateaux, shown right. Many of the houses took weeks to build, others even years. The quirky and often highly embellished creations are reminders that there’s nothing insignificant enough to not challenge the human imagination.

(Photos: top: Elephant Room Creative; right: London Fieldworks)