crooked house of sopot poland

As far as architectural oddities go, the “Crooked House of Sopot” in Poland is more whimsical than most, tracing its inception to the fairy-tale drawings of Polish illustrator J. M. Szancer (1902-1973). Built in 2004, the Krzywy Domek (“little crooked house”), as it’s called in Poland, is one of the country’s top tourist attractions, drawing thousands of visitors mesmerized by its dizzying facade. (The Krzywy Domek’s twisty entrance leads to a retail center housing an array of shops and restaurants.) Less well known outside his native country are Szancer’s charming and often mysterious sketches, below, which illustrated children’s stories by Hans Christian Andersen and Carlo Collodi among others — and whose artistry inspired a uniquely creative blend of imagination and commerce.
Szancer fairy tale illustrations