Silvia Lizama Iron Columns

It takes a special photographer’s eye to transform the mundaneness of highway construction into a series of images reminiscent of ancient Greek ruins. Silvia Lizama, chair of the Department of Fine Arts and professor of photography at Barry University in Miami, Florida, has long been fascinated by the undiscovered beauty that lies beneath the surface of the obvious, and in Sights of Construction, a project first initiated in 1989, she raises run-of-the-mill roadside scenes to a sublime level. Her signature technique of delicately handpainting photographs has now evolved into the digital age, allowing an even wider range of color and subtlety. She finds the quiet in the chaos, and challenges the viewer to “take a moment to really look around — to see what’s in front of us; to see what’s in the shadows; to see the special places.” I-95 will never look the same.
(Sights of Construction is on view at the ACND Gallery of Art in Miami through January 24.)

silvia lizama two columns down