Bill Brandt Jean Dubuffet 1960_-1Bill Brandt Seaford, East Sussex Coast 1957_-1

Two pieces with surreal overtones from the exhibit Shadow and Light, a retrospective of the work of photographer Bill Brandt (1904-1983), at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Considered one of the great masters of black-and-white photography (the “pre-eminent British photographer of the 20th Century,” according to the New York Times), his dark and moody images of wartime England were recently (and astutely) described by the writer Ariella Budick as “lyrical grime.” In later years, Brandt liked to focus on the eyes of artistic notables, such as painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet, at top, in a photograph from 1960. (Seaford, East Sussex Coast, from 1957, is shown right). The exhibition traces the evolution of a multifaceted photographic legacy, and is on view through August 12.