Turning the Page


“The page as an object, like all object-symbols, resonates with meanings that have no mass, no displacement of physical space, their dimensions measured by the degree of reflection they inspire. Our living of the last two millennia is a progression coerced by the turning of pages — they are finger ripples in our clay past. On the surfaces of pages, as on the walls of caves, humans have been fulfilling an imperative crafted by their long-journeyed evolution — they navigate the mind’s stubborn synaptic pathways, forge new passages, shape, sculpt, and conjure ephemeral wisps, map their invisible neuralscapes, and perform the alchemy of a weightless thought, an idea expressed.”  — Stephen Nowlin

[Stephen Nowlin is co-curator of the exhibit, Pages, an exploration of paper as a medium of creativity through the ages — which runs until January 27 at the Williamson Gallery at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.]

(Photograph: Cara Barer)

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