The Ghost: As lovely and flawless as the royal wedding turned out to be, I couldn’t help but be awash in the spectre of the “elephant in the Abbey.” In personal touches, such as William’s nervous habit of chewing on his lip (just like his mother), to the irony of Charles and Camilla over-lording the nuptials of her first son, or a simple well-wisher holding her photo (above), it was difficult to escape Diana’s larger-than-death presence. Though I never thought that Kate could really hold a candle to the indelible fairy-tale image of her predecessor, her poise did reflect one of to the palace born. No doubt Diana was much younger when she assumed her moment at the center of the universe, but Middleton’s demeanor showed none of the endearing shyness or tremulousness of the Princess of Wales back in 1981. That bodes well for the new HRH, Duchess of Cambridge, and I have a feeling that this is one tough cookie who’s not looking to crumble.

(Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images)