(Quick) Oscar Impressions:

— Best achievement award for not running overtime.
Franco/Hathaway: Bit of a bipolar pair. Didn’t find them especially annoying, except for Franco’s silly drag moment.
Over-the-top line: Hathaway introducing Oprah: “Lucky we can breathe the same air.”
Tactful: Finally, no clapping/popularity contest during the “In Memoriam” segment.
Nostalgia: The warm reception for Billy Crystal.
Director: Should have been David Fincher. Social Network was the total package (zeitgeist included). Thankfully, Aaron Sorkin won for screenplay, Trent Reznor for music.
Actress: And Annette Bening keeps waiting. Looks like she’ll follow Streep in the most-deserving-but-don’t hold-your-breath department. But what will it take to win her first? (And depressing how hubby Warren Beatty has deteriorated.)
Actor: Colin Firth, no problem.
Best Picture: Knew it was in the can when I heard the King’s speech-over in the nominees recap.