And just like that, it’s 30 years since the murder of John Lennon. One of the “where-were-you-when-you-heard” moments that remain etched in memory. One recalls the dreary, imposing Dakota building in New York City where the unbelievable took place, the vigils, the candles, “Imagine” playing over and over. McCartney’s seriously inappropriate “It’s a drag” remark on hearing the news.

Lennon, with his Dali-esque sensibilities, would have recognized the absurdity of it all. The songwriter who provided so much of the soundtrack for so many lives would probably have had a wry comment or two on how it all played out – with his assassin ultimately finding Jesus (again) in jail, repenting.

In the groundbreakingly confessional  “Plastic Ono Band” (1970) – an album that presaged the coming onslaught of the singer/songwriters of the “Me” decade—Lennon wrote the weirdly prescient lyrics (in “God”):  “And so dear friends, you just have to carry on. The dream is over.”

Of course, it wasn’t and isn’t. It lives every time you hear… “Let me take you down, ‘cause I’m going to…” well, we all know where. And – play it loud — the brilliantly hallucinogenic “I Am The Walrus,” that never tires. And on and on. Guess it’s as good a time as any to crank up the White Album again. (Digitally, now. Sigh.)