A Riff on Rick

rick springfield date
With Springfield, 1981

springfield rick Fangirl alert: ‘80s heartthrob/pop star/actor Rick Springfield has written a memoir, Late, Late at Night, which brings back some memories of my own. I won a contest held in Miami back in the frothy heyday of General Hospital, that garnered a trip to Los Angeles for a date with Springfield, along with other surprises that seemed out of a dream for a then-fanatic of the soap like me. Dinner with the cutest guy ever, who also had the number-one song in the country (“Jessie’s Girl”)? Seeing “Luke &  Laura” in person on the set of GH? Thought I had died and gone to heaven. And Springfield really turned out to be as sweet and down-to-earth as one could imagine. (Yep, I lost my heart to Rick.)

The new book details his struggles with depression, not a surprise, as even in the brief moments I spent with him I felt a deeper side to his nature than was reflected in the hoopla that swirled around him. He’ll always remain a special memory from a youthful time.

[Postscript: He still has an audience; the book made it to #13 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list.]


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